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Amateur Radio Contests

I enjoy operating in amateur radio contests.   In a nutshell, the idea is usually to have a contact with as many stations as possible in a given time.    Sometimes contests can be as short as one hour but are more frequently of 24 or 48 hours duration, usually but not always, over a weekend.

There are contests that cater for all of the many amateur radio modes of transmission including voice, CW (morse code) and digital data transmissions.   I only operate in voice and CW contests.

Whilst everyone operates for fun, contests are very competitive and some people take contesting very seriously indeed.   There are a number of Contest Groups (clubs) which set up very powerful stations often in remote locations where there are not usually any amateur radio operators or inhabitants.   This makes them very popular with other radio hams and they often do very well in contests.  Mounting these challenging expeditions can be very expensive and they are often years in the planning.   Sponsorship is a key to their success.    

However, I get great satisfaction from operating with relatively low power and simple wire aerials.    Because of the vast variation in stations capabilities,  the contests have various categories in which to submit entries - a bit like a handicap system used in many sports.   Therefore, by entering in the "power 100 watts or less" and "single operator" categories I can compete with some hope of success against similarly equipped stations.  

The results are often tabulated by country, continent and world and so, effectively, I can compete against other similarly equipped radio amateurs in England    I can see that in the October 2016 CQ WW DX contest I came 3rd in England,  131st in Europe and 231st in the World in the "Single Operator, Low Power, All Band" category out of 882 entries in that category.  

I use the  SH5 Contest Log Analyser software to produce a detailed analysis of each contest, and my operating in recent competitions can be seen by clicking in the links in the side menu.   

Contest Result Certificate