Amateur Radio Station G3YPP

DA1MT including logbook

I operated as DA1MT in the early 1980s from Jan 1981 until Mar 1984 whilst living in Gutersloh, Germany.  My wife Fiona (G4KAN) held the call DA1YL.

I operated all bands from 160m to 2m making a total of 455 contacts over the 3 year period.   Not hugely active by many standards but enjoyable nevertheless. 

It was a time when home computers were emerging and I became very interested in data communications.  I operated RTTY using a Sharp MZ80k computer (with 64k ram - wow) and a home built AFSK modem.   This worked very well and was "state of the art" at the time.  The software was written in Z80 machine code, and I became quite adept at assembler programming.  Those were the days.

I have now digitised the logbooks for the period and these are uploaded to LoTW, ClubLog and where they can be checked for awards etc.

Please search below to see if you are in the logs for DA1MT.

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DA1MT Logbook
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