Amateur Radio Station G3YPP

G3YPP/P including logbook

As well as amateur radio I enjoy both boating and caravanning.   I therefore frequently operate portable when out and about trying to operate where possible from rare WAB Squares and "World Wide Flora and Fauna" sites. 

Recent activations include:

9-14 Jun 2013, Wroxham, Norfolk:  JO02qr:  WAB TG21

23-25 Aug 2013, Sandringham, Norfolk: JO02ft: WAB TF62

25-29 Apr 2015, Flamborough, Yorkshire: IO94wd: WAB TA27

8-9 July 2015, Wicken Fen Nature Reserve, Cambridgeshire: JO02dh, WAB TL57, GFF-074

1-2 Aug 2015, Nr Westbury, Buckinghamshire: IO92LA: WAB SP63

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G3YPP/P Logbook
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